My Brother The Drunk Driver

I was sleeping last night when my brother called me and told me that he was arrested for DWI case. I was so worried that I immediately came to the police station to know what happened. This is the second time that my brother has been caught driving under influence. I was worried but very disappointed at the same time.

My brother does not drink or smoke pot very often. However, when he is invited to a party, he usually goes home very drunk and intoxicated, which is why I always let him borrow my driver. Late last year, he was first charged with a DUI case. He made a misjudgement on a friend’s birthday party and decided to drive even though he had taken more than a fair share of beers and wine, he still sat behind the wheel and drove home. Unfortunately for him, he was pulled over by police, who discovered he was way too drunk to drive. It was a great thing that he was working with one of the best defense attorneys so he dodged jail time. He paid the according fine though.

I was totally unaware that he was going out last night. I slept early because I was feeling a bit sick. Before I went to my room, I even saw him watching TV downstairs so I thought he was staying at home all night. Well, if only he told me about his friend’s party then I would have called my driver to accompany him. Oh, thinking about it makes my head feel like exploding.

I thought he learned his lesson from the first incident which is why I was so disappointed that here we are again dealing with another driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol case again. I am very nervous about my brother. At one hand, I hope my brother will get off easy, then again, DWI is a serious business and he should get a decent penalty. I also know that second offense could get him jail time. Hopefully it won’t go that far.

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