The 2016 Honda Civic Type R Review

The 2016 Honda Civic Type R. The hottest hatch around that got all the enthusiast of classy sports car talking. It is an advancement of the previous 2015 model. This new model is elegant and stylish in all its new improved design. It has a four cylinder turbo-charged engine capable of churning out 228kW/400Nm which is incredibly fast. It can make up to 100 km in less than 5.7 seconds but the engineers decided to reduce its steer-torque by approximately 50 %. Unlike its close competitors of four wheel drive, it is a front wheel drive with a 6 speed manual transmission. The 2.0 liter Direct-inject Type R engine delivers a horse power of 306 and 295 pounds feet of torque which makes it the hottest energy saving hatch of the year. It has a better road grip with the 19 inch wheels which boost the braking system.

2016 honda civic type R

The new tail lights are horn shaped with enlarged front ends. The front ends are redesigned with lower and upper sturdy grilles giving it a stunningly attractive look. It has air intakes that send fresh air to the engine bay and front brakes. Driving it during summer would be hilarious and exciting. In addition, the 2016 Honda Civic Type R Car has aerodynamic side skirts and four-pipe exhaust system that gives it a bold muscular look. It has high speed stability due to the new rear suspension system that applies torsion beam design mechanism. The steering system is modified with more controls for better response with rear wings slightly toned down unlike the 2015 Civic model. The 2016 Honda Civic Type R has a generally aggressive look than its competitors or its previous versions. This is what makes it an excellent sports car.

Its cabin still maintained the sporty details associated with Honda but is less extravagant. The sculpted leather seats provide a soft but firm lateral support suitable for a long drive. The red accent in the dashboard and the cockpit can never go unnoticed. The interior is redesigned with red fabrics giving the car a bright look. With the brilliant 2016 Honda Civic Type R Car, your ride will always settle so nicely; an experience you will always remember.

The only downside of the cars is that it might cost too much for everyone to afford. Well, you don’t have to pay for it up front, just lease it. For those with not the best credit score even bad credit car leasing is available. Just consider all the pros and cons and you will see that the first clearly outweighs the latter.

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